Political Science

Research: Dr. Pascal König

Research interests

  • Political communication
  • Digital policy
  • Policy strategies
  • Party competitions

Project: "Deciding about, by and together with algorithmic decision-making systems"

Principal Investigators: Prof. Dr. Anja Achtziger, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schulz, Prof. Dr. Karen Yeung, Prof. Dr. Katharina A. Zweig, Prof. Dr. Georg Wenzelburger

The project “Deciding about, by and together with algorithmic decision-making systems”, funded by the Volkswagen Foundation, zooms in on criminal justice decision making. The political science part of the interdisciplinary project involves two major goals. First, we will – in joint collaboration with the colleagues – build an inventory of all ADM-systems in use in the US states and describe their characteristics. Second, we will analyze quantitatively, how we can explain the variance between the US states concerning the extent of use and the choice of ADM-systems.

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