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Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) and Master of Education (M.Ed.)

The study course trains to become a subject teacher in the subject of health at vocational schools.

In view of demographic change and the increase in diseases caused by civilisation, health is becoming increasingly important in the world of work. Lack of exercise and incorrect nutrition can already lead to a high proportion of postural and metabolic disorders in children and adolescents. This also increases the importance of subject-specific instruction in the subject of health, especially at vocational schools.

As a subject teacher, you impart knowledge about healthy lifestyles and important prevention basics to your pupils. You accompany pupils in their development up to their professional qualification in the field of health and up to the successful completion of an appropriate vocational training.

Graduates teach the subject of health at vocational schools after successful legal clerkship and state examination. However, the broad range of courses also makes it possible to work in areas such as health education and the health sector. Many contents conveyed in the subject of health are advantageous for a professional activity in the health sector (companies, health insurance funds, free health market).


Important components of the study are knowledge from the field of biology and medicine. You should therefore have an interest in these areas and be willing to carry out health-related tests and exercises on yourself and other students yourself. However, previous knowledge is not necessary.

The subject of health is combined with a second subject and educational sciences, as is usual in the teaching profession. In biology, chemistry or social studies, for example, an optimised course of study is possible. Other subject combinations can be studied within the network of the University of the Greater Region.

Until the degree "Master of Education", the standard period of study is 5 years. This is followed by a 52-week internship. This can be completed (at least in part) during the course of study. A subject-related vocational training is also recognised. This is followed by preparatory training (Referendariat).

The course is very practice-oriented. It is closely interlinked with the Bachelor of Science "Sports Science and Health".

Regulations and guidelines for studies

Module Manual B.Ed. + M.Ed. BBS Health

Study program manager

Dr. Oliver Ludwig