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In preparation:

  • Tandra Ghose , Janelle Liu and Philip J. Kellman 
    Measuring size of emergent shapes.
  • Tandra Ghose and Zili Liu 
    Generalization of viewpoint between canonical and non-canonical views.
  • Tandra Ghose and Stephen E. Palmer 
    Role of gradient-cuts in figure-ground organization.
  • Tandra Ghose and Stephen E. Palmer 
    Effects of gradient edge alignments on figure-ground organization.
  • Tandra Ghose , Fourke Hermens and Michael H. Herzog 
    Global aspects of space, luminance and time based manipulations in visual backward masking.
  • Bilge Sayim, Tandra Ghose , Gerald Westheimer and Michael H. Herzog 
    Figural cues modulate vernier acuity.