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Workshop "Environmental Inequality in Europe and Beyond: Current Data and Results"

Organized by Dr. Felix Bader, Prof. Dr. Henning Best, Ingmar Ehler, Dr. Tobias Rüttenauer

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Thursday, September 22




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Session 1:

Environmental Inequality in General

Forms and Patters of Environmental Inequality. An Overview

Henning Best, Felix Bader

Residential Segregation and Environmental Inequality Across German Metropolitan Areas

Christian König, Katja Salomo, Marcel Helbig

Environmental Inequality in India

Ingmar Ehler


Lunch break


Session 2:

Class and Occupation

Pathways to Environmental Inequality: How Traffic Noise Annoyance Varies Across Socioeconomic Subgroups

Peter Preisendörfer, Heidi Bruderer Enzler, Andreas Diekmann, Jörg Hartmann, Karin Kurz, Ulf Liebe

Environmental Justice, Energy Precariousness and Air Pollution: Lessons Learned from Emerging Studies

Àlex Boso

Staying Home in Times of Crisis: Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic and Fuel Price Shocks on Telework Decisions in Germany

Claudia Schmiedeberg, Dominik Schober, Christiane Bozoyan


Coffee break


Session 3:


“Do you see where we live?” Patterns of Inequalities in Access to Services and Facilities in Romania – The Case of the Roma Minority

Stefania Toma

Environmental Justice in Duisburg. Multiple Facets and Dimensions of Environmental Inequality in a German Arrival City

Fritz Reusswig

Selective Mobility Contributes to Immigrants’ Higher Exposure to Air Pollution. A Panel Analysis Spatially Linking Objective Air Quality Data and Micro-Level Survey Data for Germany

Felix Bader, Henning Best, Ingmar Ehler, Tobias Rüttenauer




Poster Session


Conference Dinner at panorama restaurant TwentyOne


Friday, September 23


Session 4:

Green Spaces

The ‘Equigenic’ Potential of Greenery in Compact Cities. Green Window Views and Residential Satisfaction Across Social Class

Tetiana Dovbishchuk, Stefanie Kley

Urban Green Space and Life Satisfaction During the Corona Pandemic

Martin Refisch, Jörg Hartmann, Karin Kurz

The Role of Private Property of Green Spaces for the Impact of Green Spaces on Physical Activity. A Meta-Analysis

Torvid Kreisler


Coffee break



Environmental Inequality: Linking Research to Policy

Paul Mohai,
University of Michigan, School of Environment and Sustainability


Lunch break


Session 5:

Draught and Heat

Portraits of Inequality-Climate Change Nexus: The Social Impacts of Drought and Water Scarcity in Southern Portugal

Ana Rita Matias

The Agency of Urban Residents in Coping With Heat: Exploring Individual Adaptive Capacity in Vienna Using Multiple Data Sources

Antonia Schneider, Sebastian Seebauer, Thomas Thaler, Stephan Schwarzinger, Michael Friesenecker, Michael Getzner

Extreme Temperatures, School Absences and Socioeconomic Inequalities

Risto Conte Keivabu


Coffee break


Session 6:

Policy and Political Action

Best Practices for Building Capacity Within Environmental Justice Communities

Joy Semien, Allen White

The Linkage of Research, Policy and Civic Society Activity in Addressing Environmental Justice Policy – The Case Study of Israel

Carmit Lubanov

Changing Inequalities? The Influence of Environmental Zoning Policies on the Unequal Distribution of Air Pollution in London

Tobias Rüttenauer



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