Alice Johnson

Office: Building 57, Room 536

E-mail: oajohns[at]

Phone: +49(0)-631-205-5052

Fax: +49(0)-631-205-5182

Curriculum Vitae


since 2019
Doctoral Student Psycholinguistics and Language Development Group, Department of Social Sciences
University of Kaiserslautern

2016 - 2019
Master of Science - Cognitive Science
Department of Social Sciences University of Kaiserslautern
Thesis topic: Processing of Morphologically Complex German Numerals

1997 - 2002
Diploma of Higher Education - Philology: English Language and Literature*
Diploma of Advanced Higher Education – Translator*
* the educational credentials were evaluated by ECE (Educational Credential Evaluators, USA) in 2010. The summary evaluation report declares the above-mentioned credentials to be equivalent of:
Joint Bachelor of Arts - English and English Literature, and Translation
Master of Arts – English Literature
Saratov State University
Thesis topic: Modern Interpretation of Legends in Mary Stuart’s Arthurian Saga


Professional Training

Corpus Linguistics Summer School, University of Birmingham


Academic Employment

2010 - 2012
Diversity Training Instructor, US Army Chaplain Center & School
Officer Professional Development Course Seminar

2002 - 2005
Undergraduate Courses (English) Instructor, Saratov Institute of Social Education


Coding, Programming & Statistical Skills

Atom (morphological coding), CLAN, R, SPSS, Matlab


Research Interests   

Rare languages, Inuktitut, psycholinguistics, language development, child-directed speech, bilingualism, second language acquisition, morphological priming, morphological coding.



Johnson O.A., Grün A., Allen S.E.M., Fernandez L.B. (June, 2018). Complex Noun Phrases: The Influence of Length and Type on Processing Time. Psycholinguistics in Flanders (PiF) 2018, Ghent University, Belgium.

Johnson O.A., Jacob G., Allen S.E.M. (May, 2019). Are all complex words created equal? Morpho-orthographic decomposition of complex numerals versus derived nominalisations in German. Psycholinguistics in Flanders (PiF) 2019, University of Antwerp, Belgium.

Johnson O.A., Elliot M., Allen S.E.M. Morphological simplification in Inuktitut child-directed speech. Psycholinguistics in Flanders (PiF) 2020, University of Kaiserslautern, Germany.


Teaching at the University of Kaiserslautern

Syntax (for Cognitive Science and Computer Science Masters students)