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Understanding the Publishing Process

In this workshop, we will cover all the steps of publishing in scientific journals. First, we will discuss selecting a scientific journal that matches your publishing goals including issues such as impact factor, time to publication, acceptance rate, and open access vs. not. Second, we will look at how to prepare your article for submission including following journal guidelines, proofreading effectively, writing a cover letter, getting permissions, and the possible need for documenting human subjects approval. Third, we will highlight important aspects of the peer-review process including who is involved in the process, how to keep the reviewer in mind as you prepare your manuscript, how to understand and respond to reviews, how to deal with rejection and resubmission, and how to celebrate after acceptance. We will also leave time for other questions - please feel free to submit your burning questions in advance!


Professor Dr. Shanley Allen



The pre-conference workshop took place on May 19th, from 14h to 17h.



Recording of the workshop

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