The university is made up of a wide variety of people. Diversity means for us to perceive all people - regardless of gender, religion and ideology or educational background, ethnic origin, age, health, impairment, family background and caring responsibilities or sexual identities - and to value them in their individuality - so that research, learning and work can be done together without discrimination. We, as Diversity Officers (formerly Equal Opportunity Officers) see it as our task to support this goal.

In particular, this involves the recognition of diversity as a valuable element of daily interaction and the dismantling of existing barriers and inequalities. Turning to diversity and variety broadens the view of valuing everyone and this implementing equal opportunities for everyone and an open university culture.


What we offer:

- Individual counseling on issues related to equality and diversity.

- Intervention in cases of sexism, racism and other forms of discrimination

- Events on topics related to equality and diversity

We are bound to secrecy and are not bound by instructions (e.g. independent of our superiors). You can therefore contact us with your concerns at any time - regardless of whether the incident occurred on or off campus. Contacting us will not have any negative impact on your situation. We will then discuss with you what interventions are appropriate and how much publicity the situation requires.

Equal Opportunities Officer