Educational Science

Adult Education | JProf. Dr. Matthias Rohs

School Development | JProf. Dr. Mandy Schiefner-Rohs

Vocational und Adult Education| Prof. Dr. Rolf Arnold


Philosophy | Prof. Dr. Karen Joisten


Philosophy in Science and Engineering | Prof. Dr. Johannes Lenhard

Political Science

PoWi I (Domestic and Comparative Politics) | Prof. Dr. Marcus Höreth

PoWi II (Intern. Relations/Foreign Policy) | JProf. Dr. Florian Böller

PoWi III (Polit. Econom./Global Governance) | Dr. Frank Bandau (Substitute professor)

PoWi IV (Didactics of Civic Education) | JProf. Dr. I. Heldt

Emeritus | Prof. Dr. Jürgen Wilzewski

Science of Sport

Liberal Arts/Social Sc. Oriented Sc. of Sports | Prof. Dr. Arne Güllich

Science of Movement and Training | Prof. Dr. Michael Fröhlich