Faculty of Social Science

Master Border Studies (M. A.)

The Master in Border Studies is a two-year joint international study program between four universities of the Greater Region, which addresses the complex economic, political, social and cultural issues of borders and of border regions in Europe and beyond.

The study program is designed for students with different disciplinary backgrounds who wish to develop the necessary skills and competencies to work in intercultural and cross-border settings. 

The multilingual study program is located in three countries at four different universities: 

  • University of Luxembourg (LUX) 
  • University of Lorraine (FR)
  • Saarland University (DE)
  • University of Kaiserslautern (DE)

Courses in this Master in Border Studies are taught in German, French and English.

Further information on the contents and the structure of the program can be found on the websides of the universities of the Greater Region. They provide a module handbook, too.

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